The Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies was founded in 2011. The Center oversees, funds, initiates and manages research on all aspects of Hellenic Studies, at Princeton and abroad, in Greece and the Hellenic Mediterranean. The mission of the Seeger Center is to:

  • Enhance Princeton’s international leadership in Hellenic Studies among its peer institutions in the United States and Europe
  • Attract outstanding faculty by encouraging and supporting interdisciplinary work
  • Support exceptional graduate students, researchers and postdoctoral fellows from around the world
  • Enrich Princeton’s intellectual and cultural life across a broad range of disciplines
  • Promote the University’s longstanding engagement with the Hellenic world 

The Center also sponsors a series of fellowship programs, scholarly exchanges with Greece, conferences, cultural activities, library acquisitions, and publications. 

Dimitri Gondicas ’78 is the director of the Seeger Center, which is administered by an executive committee. 

Dimitri wearing a grey sweater over a collared shirt with glasses, smiling
Dimitri H. Gondicas '78

Stanley J. Seeger ’52 Director, Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies / Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities and Hellenic Studies

Molly Greene
Molly Greene

Professor of History and Hellenic Studies (on leave 2021-2022)

S. Kotkin
Stephen Kotkin

John P. Birkelund '52 Professor in History and International Affairs / Co-Director, Program in History and the Practice of Diplomacy / Director, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies

AnneMarie Luijendijk
AnneMarie Luijendijk

Professor of Religion / Chair, Committee on the Study of Late Antiquity

Benjamin C. Morison

Professor of Philosophy / Director, Program in Classical Philosophy

Esther "Starry" Schor

Leonard L. Milberg '53 Professor of American Jewish Studies. Professor of English. Chair, Council of the Humanities. Director, Stewart Seminars in Religion. Director, Program in Humanistic Studies.