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Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

Fourteenth International Graduate Student Conference


“Works in Progress: New Approaches”

Friday, May 6, 2022

The conference will be held via zoom.

Each presentation slot will last for 30 minutes, including a 15 minute talk, 5 minute response, and 10 minute Q&A.

Conference logistics are meant to accommodate participants and attendees across different time zones, from Greece to the United States and Canada.


9:30 EDT = 16:30 Athens
Chair: Dimitri Gondicas (Princeton University)

SESSION 1: Novel Approaches to Modern Greek Literature

9:45 EDT = 16:45 Athens
Despoina Bischinioti (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) Abstract and Bio
“Female-perpetrated Murder and Criticism of the Patriarchal System: Bharati
Mukherjee’s Wife (1975) and Eleni Yannakakis’ Cherubim in the Moquette (2006)”
Respondent: Aimee Genova (Princeton University)

10:15 EDT = 17:15 Athens
Ioannis Markopoulos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) Abstract and Bio
“The Filter, the Pendulum and the Mirror: Remapping Modern Greek Fantastic Literature”
Respondent: James Wolfe (Princeton University)


SESSION 2: Interpretive Frameworks in Anthropology, History, and Linguistics

11:00 EDT = 18:00 Athens
Rexhina Ndoci (Ohio State University) Abstract and Bio
“Constructing the Albanian Migrant on the Greek Virtual Space”
Respondent: Nicole Paxton Sullo (Princeton University)

11:30 EDT = 18:30 Athens
Effrosyni Rantou (York University, Toronto) Abstract and Bio
“3 Kilometers Away from the Skouries Forest: Gold Mining, Borders and Political Possibility in Halkidiki, in Northern Greece”
Respondent: Magdalene Breidenthal (Princeton University)

12:00 EDT = 19:00 Athens
Naz Vardar (Simon Frazer University, Vancouver, BC) Abstract and Bio
“Carnival Celebrations in the Late Ottoman Istanbul: Intersections of Class, Gender and Identity in Apokries and Baklahorani"
Respondent: Ivan Maric (Princeton University)

12:30 EDT = 19:30 Athens THIRTY MINUTE BREAK

SESSION 3: (Re-)Defining Greek Space

1:00 EDT = 19:00 Athens
Christopher Jotischky-Hull (Brown University) Abstract and Bio
“Antonios Matesis and the Interplay of Latin, Greek, and European Theatre in the Early Nineteenth-century Ionian Islands”
Respondent: Katerina Stergiopoulou (Princeton University)

1:30 EDT = 19:30 Athens
Niki Kogkelli (National Technical University of Athens) Abstract and Bio
“Lysandros Kaftantzoglou: Building a Utopia. Constructing the Greek Identity in Post- Revolutionary Athens”
Respondent: Poppy Sfakianaki (Princeton University)



Magdalene Breidenthal, Hellenic Studies
Kathleen Crown, Humanities
Elizabeth Davis, Anthropology
Aimee Genova, Hellenic Studies
Dimitri Gondicas, Humanities and Hellenic Studies
Soo-Young Kim, Writing Program
Ivan Maric, Hellenic Studies
Effie Rentzou, French and Italian
Lidia Santarelli, Library
Poppy Sfakianaki, Hellenic Studies
Katerina Stergiopoulou, Classics and Hellenic Studies
Nicole Paxton Sullo, Hellenic Studies
James Wolfe, Hellenic Studies

Secretary to the Committee: Grace Monk (Comparative Literature)

Supported by the Michael George Mazarakis Modern Greek Studies Fund

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May 6, 2022, 9:30 am1:30 pm
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Zoom, Online Event