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Bernhard Palme, Professor of Ancient history and the Director of the Papyrus collection of the Austrian National Library.

AnneMarie Luijendijk, the William H. Danforth Professor of Religion.

In the first part of this lunch, they will present their respective perspectives on present trends in the study of papyri followed by Q and A with those in attendance.

In the second part, Professors Palme and Luijendijk will introduce graduate students to the tools, resources, and instrumenta for papyrological studies. Attendees will encounter an enormously helpful spectrum of printed and digital tools that will allow them to access and use papyrological sources via reproductions of the originals, transcriptions, and translations. Vienna. Since 2009 he is also the director of the Papyrus Collection and Papyrus Museum of the Austrian National Library. His research focuses on the history and culture of Graeco-Roman Egypt and the historical analysis of papyri. Currently, he works on the administrative, military, and legal history of the Later Roman Empire, fields in which he has published widely, as well as directed several research projects.

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Event Co-Sponsor(s)
Sponsored by the Committee for the Study of Late Antiquity
Cosponsored by the Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

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May 6, 2024, 12:00 pm2:30 pm
Events Venue
Scheide Caldwell House, Room 103