SOCRATES NOW is an 90 minute solo performance-discourse, which captures the essence of Socratic ethics in an accessible and engaging manner. First presented by EllinikoThεatro in New York in 2004, it has since been performed to great acclaim in close to 500 venues internationally. This provocative performance will be followed by an interactive discussion on the arguments confronted by Socrates on virtue, justice, politics, corruption, civic duty, love of life and hope in death, as conveyed to us by Plato in the Apology.

Princeton’s performance will be followed by a panel with Yannis Simonides and

Melissa Lane, Politics and the Center for Human Values
Hendrik Lorenz, Philosophy
Ben Morison, Philosophy

chaired by Alexander Nehamas, Humanities, Philosophy, and Comparative Literature

Yannis Simonides was born in Istanbul and raised in Athens. He is a Fulbright Scholar and a Yale trained actor/writer/director/producer. He has served as professor and chair of the New York University Tisch School of the Arts Drama Department and as the executive director of Hellenic Public Radio in New York. He is the founder and director of Elliniko Thεatro (Greek Theatre Foundation).

Event Co-sponsor(s)
Yannis Simonides' visit and performance are kindly sponsored by the Andrés Mata Foundation
Department of Philosophy
Department of Classics
The Being Human Festival of the Princeton University Humanities Council