The theme, (A)Synchrony: Recurrence, Reversal, and Resistance, asks participants to consider how recurrences, reversals, and resistance of forms, methods, and techniques manifest themselves as synchronies or asynchronies that can serve as powerful tools in cultural production and social construction. Importantly, the symposium will bring together speakers who think across time and space, as well as those who challenge strict periodization or other forms of potentially limiting categorizations. Featured presenters will address topics such as identity formation, memory, period, retrospection, anticipation, and more. We look forward to the symposium’s rigorous debate and discourse that extends across subfields and disciplines.

Originally planned for March 2020 as an in-person event with paper presentations, the virtual symposium will now take a workshop format. Registered attendees will receive pre-circulated papers to review before the event, and during the symposium, the graduate student panelists will speak about their projects and respond to moderated questions and comments.

Keynote Speaker: Michael North, University of California, Los Angeles