Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

Thirteenth International Graduate Student Conference


“Works in Progress: New Approaches”

Friday, May 7, 2021

The conference will be held via zoom.

Each presentation slot will last for 30 minutes, including a 15 minute talk, 5 minute response, and 10 minute Q&A.

Conference logistics are meant to accommodate participants and attendees across different time zones, from Greece to the United States and Canada.


9:00 EDT = 16:00 Athens
Welcome Remarks
Chair: Dimitri Gondicas (Princeton University)

Urban Space: State and Society, Religion

9:15 EDT = 16:15 Athens
Katerina Anagnostaki (University of Crete) Abstract and Bio
“Crafting the Cretan State: The Place of Religion”
Respondent: Sam J. Kennerley (Princeton University)

9:45 EDT = 16:45 Athens
Katerina Karadima (Technical University of Crete) Abstract and Bio
“The Spatial Reflection of the Treaty of Lausanne in Chania and the Contribution of Exchangeable Property to its Urban and Architectural Development”
Respondent: Kristina Gedgaudaite (Princeton University)


Communities: Critical and Affective

10:30 EDT = 17:30 Athens
Chryssa Theologou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) Abstract and Bio
“Reconsidering the History of Literary Criticism in Greece (1927-1940):
the Case of Nea Estia
Respondent: Yannis Stamos (Princeton University)

11:00 EDT = 18:00 Athens
Evangelia Chordaki (Hellenic Open University) Abstract and Bio
“The Multiple Public Spheres of Abortion and Contraception in the Late 20th Century Greece”
Respondent: Merih Danali (Princeton University)

11:30 EDT = 18:30 Athens
Maria Kenti-Kranidioti (Durham University) Abstract and Bio
“‘Whose Exarcheia?’: Affective Community and Performative Belonging in Athens’ Most Controversial Neighbourhood”
Respondent: Nathanael Aschenbrenner (Princeton University)


Migration, Work, Vulnerabilities

12:30 EDT = 19:30 Athens
Maria Adamopoulou (European University Institute) Abstract and Bio
“The Constant Gastarbeiter: Crisis and Vulnerability Among the Greek Guest Workers in West Germany (1966-67 & 1973)”
Respondents: Sam J. Kennerley (Princeton University) & Merih Danali (Princeton University)

1:00 EDT = 20:00 Athens
Rafaela Tsiligkiridou (University of the Aegean) Abstract and Bio
“Building ‘Careers in Europe:’ Social Networks of the ‘Afghan School’ in Moria Camp, Lesvos, Greece”
Respondent: Anthie Georgiadi (Princeton University)

1:30 EDT = 20:30 Athens
Closing Remarks

Nathanael Aschenbrenner, Hellenic Studies
Merih Danali, Hellenic Studies
Elizabeth Davis, Anthropology
Karen Emmerich, Comparative Literature
Kristina Gedgaudaite, Hellenic Studies
Dimitri Gondicas, Humanities and Hellenic Studies
Molly Greene, History and Hellenic Studies
Sam J. Kennerley, Hellenic Studies
Soo-Young Kim, Hellenic Studies
Lidia Santarelli, Library
Effie Rentzou, French and Italian
Yannis Stamos, Hellenic Studies
Katerina Stergiopoulou, Classics

Secretary to the Committee:  Anthie Georgiadi, English

Supported by the Michael George Mazarakis Modern Greek Studies Fund