The CCHRI introductory workshops are designed to familiarise junior scholars at all levels with these issues and to make accessible to them the wide range of climate- and environmental-scientific approaches that may help them in their own research. The main aim of Princeton’s Climate Change and History Research Initiative (CCHRI) is to promote an approach to long-term historical and environmental change that involves the integration of natural and social science methodologies and techniques. Although the impact of climate and environmental stress on human social organization has been debated for many decades, natural scientists have joined the discussion only comparatively recently. While the data now available is of a quantitatively and qualitatively higher order than ever, facilitating a closer relationship between the natural and social sciences, the dangers of misconstruing or misusing the data from fields outside our own make it necessary to rethink how social and natural sciences can collaborate without ignoring the principles of research and analysis upon which both are founded.