Graduate Certificate in Hellenic Studies Approved

May 13, 2021

A major new offering for graduate students interested in Hellenic Studies will be introduced in the 2021-2022 academic year, following approval by Princeton’s faculty. The new Graduate Certificate in Hellenic Studies will make available an interdisciplinary professional qualification to all interested doctoral students at Princeton focused on skills and knowledge essential to participate in the interdisciplinary scholarship on post-Classical Hellenic culture and society: from late antiquity and Byzantium, through the Renaissance and the early modern/Ottoman era, to the modern and contemporary periods.
Approval caps a two-year process of consultation and development led by Dimitri Gondicas, Director of the Seeger Center, and Ben Morison, Professor of Philosophy. The Certificate adds Hellenic Studies to the growing number of interdisciplinary programs across the University in which graduate students can attain recognition of preparation for specific fields, as part of the official transcript of their work at Princeton. Designed to be accessible to students in all of the core disciplines that intersect with Hellenic Studies, certificate requirements include language skills, coursework, a reading group, and cultural immersion. Specific requirements are available on our website. Thanks are due to all the members of the Hellenic Studies academic community, current faculty and students, as well as alumni, who have contributed to this effort, which was supported administratively by Sara Brooks, Professional Specialist in the Public and Global Humanities at the Seeger Center, and the Hellenic Studies staff.