Local Pitch-Global Reach: Modernism in Greece, Summer 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this course has been cancelled.

This course explores Greek modernism in literature, art, and architecture, as it developed throughout the 20th century. Modernism in Greece will be discussed in relation with modernism as a global phenomenon, with local occurrences as constitutive elements of a distinct but varied phenomenon, and not as variations or deviations of an allegedly canonical modernism. The course is structured around two historical moments: the 1930s and the 1960s. The formidable power of the “generation of the 1930s” and the modernist experiments of the 1960s are seen in their historical context, Greek, European, and global: what preceded these explosions of modernist aesthetics in Greece? How did they relate with European and global developments of the time? And also, what has been excluded from the narrative of the “generation of the 1930s” or the 1960s, who were the misfits and how did they fertilize Greek culture? Theoretical questions on modernism, the avant-garde, neo-avant-garde, and counterculture guide our approach to the highly interdisciplinary material, while the seminars will be complemented with visits to museums, collections, and sites, and discussions with Greek scholars, curators, artists, and architects.

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