Position: Executive Director for Administration, International Initiatives and Public Engagement

The Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies is an interdisciplinary academic unit with a core mission to support teaching and research on all aspects of the Greek world and the broader Hellenic Mediterranean, from ancient times to the present. The academic community of the Seeger Center encompasses a broad range of disciplines and fields, with exceptional faculty strengths in the humanities and the social sciences, and has a global reach with an international network of collaborating scholars, alumni, and former fellows.

The Executive Director for Administration, International Initiatives, and Public Engagement works closely with the Seeger Center Director to develop and implement policy, to craft strategic direction for the operation of the Seeger Center, to participate in short- and long-term planning for operations and activities, and to set up and supervise new academic initiatives at Princeton University and in Greece. While the Director, in consultation with the Seeger Trustees and the Seeger Center Executive Committee, establishes the academic and intellectual priorities and direction of the Seeger Center, the executive director operationalizes and implements the Director’s vision to realize these plans.

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