Summer Institute: Intensive Ancient Greek for Advanced Beginners

The Princeton Athens Center will offer a non-credit, intensive course in Ancient Greek for students who already have some experience or familiarity with ancient Greek grammar and are interested in acquiring:

  • active, meaningful control of grammar and syntax
  • recognizing grammatical constructions and forms in context
  • cultural, historical, and literary context for reading ancient Greek texts
  • fluent reading comprehension, in preparation for reading advanced texts.

This course will target ancient Greek acquisition through comprehensible input (reading and listening) and output (writing and some speaking). Reading authentic texts will be built into the course from the beginning, with readings drawn from the Italian Athenaze textbooks and tiered texts of ancient Greek works (Plato, tragedies, epigraphy, and others at students’ request). Informative lectures on relevant topics (in ancient Greek) will also be a part of the course.

Classes will be complemented by site and museum visits, walking tours, and other activities that take advantage of the rich cultural and archaeological resources of Athens and provide opportunities for learning ancient Greek in context. (Past excursions have included the Acropolis site and museum, the Ancient Agora, and the Epigraphical Museum.)

Dates: June 5 – June 30, 2023    Classes: Monday-Thursday, 4 hours/day

Non-credit. No tuition will be charged.

All sessions will be held at the Princeton Athens Center, in-person (no zoom option).

Instructor: Sherry Lee, Classics, Princeton University 

Level: intermediate


Funding is available for travel and accommodations for Princeton students. Apply via S.A.F.E.


Princeton undergraduate and graduate students.

How to Apply

Webform and document upload 

  • Statement of Purpose (1000 words). Please respond to the following:
    • What is your interest in and/or goal for learning ancient Greek? (Are there certain language skills you want to acquire? Certain texts/authors you aim to read?)
    • How long and with what methods have you studied ancient Greek prior to this course? 
    • What aspects and methods of this course do you envision will be most useful to your Greek learning, and why?
  • Curriculum Vitae
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