Anastasia (Eleana) Yalouri

Visiting Fellow, Spring 2024

  • Affiliation
    Independent Scholar
    Research Project:
    Re-registering Aesthetics in the Research Praxis
Contact Info

Eleana Yalouri is an independent researcher with expertise in the fields of social anthropology, archaeology and material culture. Her teaching, research interests and her publications in periodicals and edited volumes include theories of Material Culture, cultural heritage and the politics of remembering and forgetting; intersections of anthropology and contemporary art, anthropology and archaeology. Her current research projects involve collaborations with visual artists and art historians exploring the borders between contemporary art and fields of inquiry dealing with the material culture of the past or present. In the past she has been an associate professor of social anthropology at the Department of Social Anthropology at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, Greece, a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster, London, a lecturer at the Dept of Anthropology of University College London and a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta. She has a BA in Archaeology (University of Crete, Greece) an MPhil in Museum studies (University of Cambridge) and a PhD in Social Anthropology (University College London), while she undertook postdoctoral research at the University of Princeton, USA.

About the Research Project

Re-registering Aesthetics in the Research Praxis

After several years of engaging with practices borrowed from the arts both in my teaching and my research, I am keen to draw from these experiences, and reflect on the challenges and the possibilities which arise when experimenting with art methods within established academic logocentric structures of learning and thinking. Above all, I wish to reflect on why and how aesthetics matter not only as an object of research, but mainly as part of a research methodology and problematization. Consequently, I wish to explore the argument that reimagining the forms and aesthetics of research is not solely a matter of method, but is also a fundamental matter of theory. It is a way of reflecting on and creatively challenging epistemologies, ontologies, ethics and long-established canons we have learned to work by and accept beyond question. It allows for new forms of representation that remain true to research subjects’ experiences. It opens up new sensory experiences and approaches to wider-ranging audiences.

Current Roles

  • Visiting Research Fellow