Antonis A. Ellinas

Visiting Fellow

  • Concentration
    Comparative Politics
    University of Cyprus
    Research Project:
    Political Development and the Rise of the Golden Dawn in Greece

Antonis Ellinas is Associate Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Cyprus.  He works on comparative European politics.  He is the author of The Media and the Far Right in Western Europe (CUP 2010) and The European Commission and Bureaucratic Autonomy (CUP 2012; with Ezra Suleiman).  His work has appeared in Comparative Politics, the Journal of Common Market Studies, the Journal of European Public Policy, South European Society and Politics, and West European Politics, among others.  He is currently working on a project examining the organizational development of extreme right parties.

About the Research Project

Political Development and the Rise of the Golden Dawn in Greece

In the past few decades, extreme right-wing parties have developed from marginal political movements into potent political actors in Europe, changing the contours of the political debate and challenging the moral foundations of liberal democracy.  Despite the geographical spread of, and scholarly attention to this phenomenon, remarkably little is known about the internal mechanics of these parties and the micro-dynamics shaping their organizational development.  Systematically studying the interior of these organizations can offer precious insights on how they embed themselves in European and other societies.  My current project aims to develop a theoretical framework for understanding the organizational development of these parties, examining regional variation in developmental outcomes.


  • Organizing Against Democracy: The Local Organizational Development of Far Right Parties in Greece and Europe
    Cambridge University Press,
  • Τα Μέσα Ενημέρωσης και η Άκρα Δεξιά στη Δυτική Ευρώπη: Παίζοντας το χαρτί του Εθνικισμού
  • The Media and the Far Right in Western Europe: Playing the Nationalist Card
    Cambridge University Press,

Previous Roles

  • Visiting Research Fellow
    2016 - 2016
  • Graduate Student
    2000 - 2006