Christos Tsakas

Hannah Seeger Davis Postdoctoral Fellow, 2018-2019

  • Degree
    Ph.D., Modern History, University of Crete, 2015
    Greek Business and the European Challenge, 1950s-1970s
    Research Project
    Europe Beyond the North-South Divide. Greece in Context
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Christos Tsakas is a historian and a Hannah Seeger Davis Postdoctoral Fellow 2018–19 at Princeton University. Christos holds a PhD from the University of Crete. In his dissertation, entitled ‘Greek Business and the European Challenge, 1950s–1970s’, by examining the domestic impact of prospective EEC-membership on business–government relations, he analyses Greece's Europeanization into historical context. Before moving to Princeton, Christos held postdoctoral positions in Berlin and Florence. As an external researcher at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies/FORTH he initiated the IMS archives and oral history project, documenting postwar Greek industrialization. His articles have appeared in Business History and Historica.

About the Research Project

Europe Beyond the North-South Divide. Greece in Context

This project challenges the way the so-called North-South divide (and its moralist connotations) were put forth to explain the recent euro-crisis. My research aims to offer new insights into the emergence of the present-day EU, by adding to recent scholarship that challenges progressive interpretations of European integration. The project will contribute to European integration scholarship from a business perspective through a comparative analysis of the first and the second EEC-enlargement. The specific focus of the study is on West German attitudes towards the Greek and abortive Norwegian applications in the 1960s and 1970s. By addressing direct and indirect Greek–Norwegian–German business interactions, I will examine both their impact on the respective European policies of each country and their potential bearing on the EC level.


  • Με το Βλεμμα στην Ευρωπη: Οι Ελληνογερμανικες Σχεσεις Μετα τον Πολεμο (1953-1981)
    Crete University Press,
  • Post-war Greco-German Relations, 1953–1981: Economic Development, Business Interests and European Integration
    Palgrave Macmillan,

Previous Roles

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    2018 - 2019