Haris Exertzoglou

Visiting Fellow

  • Concentration
    Social Anthropology and History
    University of the Aegean
    Research Project:
    Nationalism as a “Civilizing” Process: Nation Building and Acculturation in the Ottoman Empire, 19th - early 20th centuries


  • Εκ Δυσμων το Φως; Εξελληνισμος και Οριενταλισμος στην Οθωμανικη Αυτοκρατορια (μεσα 19ου - αρχες 20ου αιωνα)
    Εκδόσεις του Εικοστού Πρώτου,

Previous Roles

  • Visiting Research Fellow
    2013 - 2013
  • Visiting Research Fellow
    2004 - 2004