A view into the Liquid Antiquity meeting at the Center in summer 2017.

2017's Liquid Antiquity meeting in discussion at the Center.

Scholars based around the world have joined conferences, scholarly workshops, and working meetings at the Center. Recent academic gatherings include

Liquid Antiquity: workshops dedicated to perpetuating rethinking of the intersection of the classical and contemporary art. Members of this working group take advantage of the proximity between the Center and the Benaki Museum to bring collaborators together for meetings that enrich their critical dialogue and develop new steps in the project.

The Greek Experience under Ottoman Rule: A continuing series that brings together senior scholars and graduate students who concentrate on the issues facing Greeks and Greek culture from the 15th to early 20th century. Meeting in a workshop format, the group aims to join historical and area studies approaches.

Meeting on the Center's Patio during 2017 INCH retreat

During 2017's INCH retreat students read together on the Center's patio.

International Network in the Collaborative Humanities: As graduate students join the academic profession, their experience and ideas are often highly localized. This group exposes advanced literature students from a variety of partner institutions in Europe and the United States to increasing their perspectives on different ways to study literature. Participants work together over several years, lending depth to their growth in disciplinary awareness that carries over into their early career research projects.

Princeton-Athens-Sydney Workshop in the History of Philosophy: Spanning continents this workshop series found a home at the Center that was a literal meeting in the middle. Work presented examined pre-classical to the eighteenth century Philosophy during a two day workshop with a collegial audience of established and early-career scholars.

Symposium Aristotelicum: A leading series of meetings at the forefront of study of the Aristotelian and closely related texts. Convening once every three years, the 2017 meeting, the twenty first in the series, was held at the Center.