Recent years have seen increasing numbers of groups travelling from Princeton to Greece. Alongside longer-term programs, these shorter visits range from course-linked visits to heritage education have taken up an invitation to the Center to convene, reflect, and celebrate their experiences in Greece.

Members of 2016's Humanistic Studies Greece Break Trip in a group photo at the Athens Center

Members of the Humanistic Studies Fall Break Trip to Greece in 2016 gather at the Center.

Each fall, students who have completed the Humanistic Studies course sequence on Princeton's campus have the opportunity to travel to Greece during the university's mid-semester break. The journey caps their in-depth study of Greek contribution to the formation of Western classicism over two semesters at Princeton. A session at the Center enlarges on the experiences of the trip, connecting classroom learning, study travel, and cultural dialogue at the conclusion of their tour.

The Center lends a new outlet for courses focused on Greece to incorporate study travel into the syllabus. It has hosted first year students in their Freshman Seminar and students in upper division courses focused on the study of contemporary Greece.

Alongside course-driven travel, a special trip organized by Princeton’s Center for Jewish Life and co-sponsored by the Seeger Center rediscovered both famed and little-known Jewish communities across Greece. Students and guides gathered at the Center to reflect on their travels and share a meal as they approached the close of their educational tour.