The Center’s summer institutes bring together Princeton graduate students with their Greek contemporaries to concentrate on specialized topics in the arts, humanities, and sciences. The Center will accommodate two to four of these special opportunities each summer.

students in museum

Participants in 'A Barbarian Blend' Summer Institute consider inscriptions during their visit to Athens' Museum of Epigraphy.

The inaugural summer institute, “A Barbarian Blend”, led by Professor Mark Janse (University of Ghent), convened in 2018.  Students plunged into a linguistic approach to many different forms of Greek from antiquity to the present, focusing on linguistical formation at points of interaction between the Greek language and other languages ranging from Babylonian to modern Dutch. The approach not only enriched students’ work with Greek and the marks of interaction between Greeks and other linguistics groups caught up in the Greek language over time, but also provided an introduction to methods of study in historical linguistics using lively examples.