A slate of six to ten Princeton scholars visit Athens each year in a variety of different visit formats. Faculty visits are focused both on sharing research and on strengthening and diversifying ties with scholars and students working in Greece, as well as those engaged in cultural work and journalism.

Professor David Bell lectures at the Center

Professor David A. Bell addresses a scholarly audience in April 2019.

Faculty visitors since 2016 have represented twelve departments ranging from film to sociology via classics and archaeology. Speakers and titles have included Miguel Centeno on “Democracy Between Rocky Populism and Hard Technocracy”; Patricia Fortini Brown on “Venice Outside Venice: The Artistic and Cultural Geography of the Venetian Dominion - A Prolegomena”; and Jeremy Adelman on “Photography and Humanitarianism: Is There a Contradiction?”.

Professor Patricia Fortini Brown leads a special session for advanced students of art history at the Center.

Professor Brown gives a special session for advanced students during her 2018 visit.

Visits often include a seminar session where the guest and a group of Greek graduate students discuss a set of readings. These sessions, given without expense or credit, offer the opportunity to engage with scholar-teachers writing from the U.S.