Research Project Name Opportunity Field Period
Reframing Empire: History, Identity, and Power in the Fifteenth-Century Mediterranean Nathanael Aschenbrenner
The Exit Image in Byzantium: Exodos, Eschatology, and Environment Magdalene Breidenthal Art & Archaeology,Byzantine Studies,Religion Medieval
Recollected: History, Memory and Imagination in Contemporary Greek Comics and Graphic Novels Kristina Gedgaudaite
In Times of War and Crisis: Regional Identities and Greek Archaeology On a Global Scale Aimee Genova Art & Archaeology,Classical Reception,History,Modern Greek Studies,Ottoman Studies Antiquity,Early Modern,Modern
Writing Greek back into the History of Greek Patristics: Two Case-studies from Renaissance and Counter-Reformation Rome Sam Kennerley
Iconoclast Imperial Authority and Its Contested Legacy Ivan Maric Byzantine Studies,History,Religion,Social Sciences Late Antiquity,Medieval
A Cultural Mediator of the Mediterranean: Hercule Joannidès Between France and Greece Poppy Sfakianaki Art & Archaeology,History,Modern Greek Studies Modern
Culture and/as Politics: The Intellectuals and Ideology of the 4th-of-August Regime (1936-1941) Yannis Stamos
The Byzantine Art of Memory Nicole Paxton Sullo Art & Archaeology,Byzantine Studies,History Medieval
Syriac Terms for Roman Institutions: A Glossary and Analysis James Wolfe Byzantine Studies,Classical Reception,Classics,History,Literature & Languages,Religion,Translation Antiquity,Late Antiquity,Medieval