Research Project Name Opportunity Field Period
Emperor Julian, Cyril of Alexandria, and the Narrative Conflict of Traditions Brad Boswell
How the West was lost: Reconsidering Byzantine-Muslim Conflicts in North Africa (642-698) Tommaso Giuliodoro
The Orthodox Line: The Transmission of Christianity in the Old City of Jerusalem Clayton Goodgame
Medusa Underground: An Occult Icon in Byzantium Andrew Griebeler
Greece’s China Policy: The Exceptional Case of a Small Western State Anastasios Panoutsopoulos
Pothos: Longing from Classical Portrait Image to Byzantine Icon Rachel Patt
The Category of Religion as an Instrument of Liberation from Colonialism: Greece and India Pavlo Smytsnyuk
Continuity, Survival, Regression: The Temporalization of Antiquity in the Work of Christian Zervos (1926-1969) Eleni Stavroulaki
Entering the Venetian Casa: Byzantine Icons as Mirrors of Renaissance Visual Art (15th-17th centuries) Danai Thomaidis