Research Project Name Opportunity Field Period
Writing Poetry to Read the Past: Verses on Historians in the Margins of Byzantine Manuscripts Julián Bértola
Encounters on the Migrant Trail Effrosyni Charitopoulou
Making Sense of Knowledge. Feminist Epistemologies in the Greek Birth Control Movement (1974-1986) Evangelia Chordaki
Crossing Lines in the 20th Century: Empires, Wars, Nations Foteini Gazi
Ancient Greek Myth in the Poetry of Zoe Karelli: The Figure of Eurydice Aglaia (Liana) Giannakopoulou
The Orthodox Line: The Transmission of Christianity in the Old City of Jerusalem Clayton Goodgame
Ardent Patriots and Cosmopolitan Gentlemen: Royals Fit for any Nation in Greece and the Balkans (19th & 20th Centuries) Vasileios (Vasili) Gounaris
Medusa Underground: Image, Myth and Nature in the Medieval Mediterranean Andrew Griebeler
Forms of the Occasional in Modern Greek Poetry (19th -21st Centuries) Dimitris Kargiotis
Greece’s China Policy: The Exceptional Case of a Small Western State Anastasios Panoutsopoulos
Pothos: Longing from Classical Portrait Image to Byzantine Icon Rachel Patt
Light Denied: Blindness as Punishment and Enforced Disability in the Byzantine World Jake Ransohoff
The Christianisation of the Mors Immatura Theme in the Late Antique Epigraphic Practice Federica Scicolone
The Category of Religion as an Instrument of Liberation from Colonialism: Greece and India Pavlo Smytsnyuk
Continuity, Survival, Regression: The Temporalization of Antiquity in the Work of Christian Zervos (1926-1969) Eleni Stavroulaki
Entering the Venetian Casa: Byzantine Icons as Mirrors of Renaissance Visual Art (15th-17th centuries) Danai Thomaidis
The Role of Expertise in Greek Contemporary Policymaking. Insights from Innovation Policy and Public Administration Digitalization Reforms Eleftheria (Thenia) Vagionaki
Re-registering Aesthetics in the Research Praxis Anastasia (Eleana) Yalouri
(Un)Real Athens, (Un)Νoticed Gender: A Feminist Reading of Greek Modernism, Maria Zymara