The undergraduate curriculum is designed for students interested in the interdisciplinary study of the Greek world, ancient Byzantine or modern, as well as the classical tradition. The program offers language courses in modern Greek and postclassical Greek (Hellenistic koine to Byzantine Greek), freshman seminars in Hellenic studies, introductory courses in Byzantine and modern Greek studies, upper-class seminars in classical, Byzantine, and modern Greek studies for concentrators in the program. These are complemented by cognate courses offered in several cooperating University departments.

Plans of Study
Plan A: Modern Greek Language and Literature
Plan B: Modern Greek Studies (interdisciplinary)
Plan C: Hellenic Studies (combination of Classical, Byzantine, and/or Modern Greek Studies)

Satisfactory completion of at least one of the following courses: HLS 107, HLS 206, HLS 210, HLS 240, HLS 266, HLS 346; or HUM 216-217; or COM 205 or some other one-time-only introductory Hellenic Studies course or freshman seminar on an approved Hellenic Studies topic.
Course Requirements

  • At least two upper-class seminars in Hellenic Studies (HLS 324, HLS 330, HLS 334, HLS 335, HLS 337, HLS 355, HLS 358, HLS 361, HLS 362, HLS 363, global seminar as approved by the Program Executive Director); or one upperclass seminar in Hellenic Studies and one approved upperclass cognate course.
  • Senior thesis with an appropriate Hellenic Studies focus approved by Program Executive Director. For science and engineering majors, a substantial research paper on an approved Hellenic topic.
  • Summer study, research, internships, or semester study opportunities in Greece are strongly recommended for all Program concentrators. Program students are eligible for fellowship support.

Language Requirements
Only Plan A students have a language requirement (HLS 107 or advanced language skill in modern Greek and/or transfer course, as approved by the Program Executive Director). Other students are encouraged to take at least two years of ancient or modern Greek.

How to apply
Prospective undergraduate students must complete and submit our application form. Complete the application form in Acrobat Reader, print it, and then mail it or deliver it to the Program in Hellenic Studies, Scheide Caldwell House. Application forms in hard-copy are available from the Program office.