Notebooks in hand, students will spend five weeks in Athens and in and around refugee-related sites on the mainland and Greek islands, learning what it takes to cover chaotic world events–in this case, an unprecedented surge of refugees into a country already reeling from a financial crisis. While producing articles, videos, and photo stories under the guidance of Joe Stephens (Ferris Professor in Residence, Director of the Program in Journalism, and veteran investigative reporter for The Washington Post) students will build confidence operating on the ground and gain deep insight into current events.

Students will participate in guided outings to sites such as the port of Piraeus, the Central Market, Omonoia and Victoria Squares, various refugee camps, and other areas. Trips to cultural sites may include the Benaki Museum, the Parthenon, and the Ancient Agora. Guest speakers–renowned journalists and historians–will discuss histories of migration, exile, displacement, and diaspora in the region. Weekend excursions will be included.